About Me

I write.

In second grade, I won a red t-shirt with BOOKWORM across the front of it for reading more books than all the other second-graders in my school.

In fourth grade, I volunteered to work in the school library so I could spend afternoon recess reading.

During junior high school, I walked around with my head in a book like people these days walk around with their noses in their phones.

I still have the journal my Creative Writing teacher gifted me in high school with a written message to keep feeling and keep translating to the page my excellent insight into people's feelings.

It wasn't until I was 26, that I launched my 30-year freelance writing career, with no writing degree, classes, or workshops, only a short lesson from a colleague on how to write a query letter.

My first co-authored book was published when I was 39 years old. My second book was published when I was 41 and I published my first personal essay at 53.

I love all kinds of word games, in paper and electronic forms, but I'm holding out from Wordle, because there is only one available each day.

I can't won't stop buying books, journals, and multi-colored pens because each of them give me another unique opportunity to live my passion and inspire others to do the same.

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Twitter: @PamelaMMcBride