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Own Your Presence and Get Mad Respect

Unfortunately, people too often disrespect Black women. Four female leaders and coaches share how to stand tall, set boundaries and school the offenders.

Sisters from AARP

They Are the First in Their Families to Attend College

This HBCU administrator says first-generation students enrolled during the pandemic are getting an education in survival.

Sisters from AARP

Don't Let Your Doctor Dismiss You as a Number on the Scale

Women are fed up with being fat-shamed by physicians who ignore their symptoms. Bias could be deadly. Hear from patients who fought back, got respect and got healthy. 

Sisters from AARP

Bladder 911: After Too Many Bathroom Emergencies, I Learned How to Pee Better 

When it came to number one, I was making a few mistakes. With these pro tips, I can breathe a sigh of relief when it's time to relieve myself.

Sisters from AARP

#MedicalGaslighting: The Health Threat Black Women Can't Ignore

Don't settle for any provider who disregards your instinct and input. Here's how I took control when a doctor dismissed my health concerns.

Sisters from AARP

Every Little Step: The Song That's the Story of Our Lives

As we ran through Historic Washington, I strolled down memory lane, thinking about all the races of the military lifestyle we'd run over the past 31 years, determined to finish together, no matter what.

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